Reimagined by Landowners | Funded by Tourism

Zion Little Ponderosa residents have partnered with Local & State Government, related business entities and rural planning consultants to proactively embrace change.

Zion Little Ponderosa (ZLP) residents are planning the future and intend to maintain
a “Cabin in the Woods” ambiance while embracing
“a proactive approach to demands imposed by increased tourism”.


1. Lack of Funding from government and/or private agencies.

2. Lack of positive support from Kane County and Utah State Government officials.

3. Specifically, no water funding nor environmental protection funding to support immediate minimal fire protection for landowners nor public infrastructure needed to proactively support dramatic increase in tourist visitation levels.

4. Long term progress is thwarted by lack of unified leadership from NPS, BLM. Kane County central government, Zion Forever Project, State legislative and State Federal representatives for ANY infrastructure including sorely needed fire protection, obvious requirement for a pressurized fire hydrant water capability, public culinary water, sanitary waste disposal nor paved road funding. EZSSD had to force annexation of Little Ponderosa Subdivision (LPS) for fire protection just to protect adjacent Zion National Park, Zion Ponderosa Ranch (ZPR) and Zion Ridge in addition to homes/forestation in LPS.  LPS landowners are more than willing to pay for interim solutions from their own funds until Kane county can add it to their tax base.

5. Water Hauling Rights were revoked for commercial use by Kane County and the State of Utah authorities with little justification significantly reducing landowner participation in pro active solutions to address these real world problems head-on.  

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Zion Little Ponderosa (ZLP) subdivision located in Kane County, Utah. is geographically positioned between the east border of Zion National Park (ZNP) on the West and Zion Ponderosa Ranch on the East. ZLP is literally the doorstep into ZNP on the east border. The new East Zion Visitor Center including associated commercial infrastructure located to the east of ZLP will result in a dramatic increase of tourism. No governmental or private funding projects have provided for any improvements to ZLP Infrastructure and/or protection of delicate ecosystem at this time. 

We anticipate being established before September 2021 with a Work-in-Progress public water project in partnership with a new East Zion Well company, East Zion Special Service District, Alpha Engineering company, a third party capital build-out and Operations/Management Company, Kane County, and multiple State of Utah departments. Water Rights were secured in May 2021 by a consortium of landowners for the initial phase of this project.

Numerous opportunities are anticipated to bolster the economies of both Washington and Kane Counties, in addition to the entire desert South West because of this water project

Significant boost to the economy is anticipated via:

1. Payroll of local Construction and Engineering Companies

2. Payroll of local third-party Capital Buildout / Ongoing Operations Company

3. Increased tax revenue at local, county, state and federal levels

4. Increased revenue including payroll for Lodging Property Management companies.

5. Increased revenue of private resort and lodging companies

6. Increase in affordable residential and commercial property.

We have received contributions from local businesses, private landowners, and volunteer funding / labor. Financial support for the first phase will likely com from the landowners, private business, county tax base including annexation by EZSSD for fire protection only services. The first phase of the project includes drilling a new 2500 foot plus well into the Navajo Sandstone Acquirer, associated well infrastructure, bolstering existing water transmission facilities, constructing local booster facility/water lines, installing 200,000-gallon water holding tank and implementing water distribution lines along with fire hydrants. Installation of water meters and providing running water into landowner homes will follow. This first phase will be completed by end of April 2022. Phase two is planned for the Winter off season 2022/2023.



Dry Subdivision; Subdivided in 1960’s; Community electric system; numerous private water tank, septic, propane fuel; Tourist levels; East Zion Visitor Center


Phase One – 2021

Community Water Plan; Owner water right purchase;  Tourist Shuttle; Trailhead Improvement; Annex for Fire protection


Phase Two – 2022

Community Water Implementation; Waste Disposal Plan; Plan/Implement other Community Infrastructure Initiatives


Phase Three – 2023

Implement Community Waste Disposal;  Implement & Plan other Community Infrastructure 


Phase Four – 2024

Implement remaining Infrastructure Plans


Continuous Improvement

Review & Revise Implementation & Plans; Ongoing Improvement and Maintenance

Tourist / Owner Balance

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Cabin Density

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Environment Preservation

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Reimagined by landowners 
Funded by Tourism

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